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Chamoy Bottles


Our chamoy's come in a 4 oz bottle , all chamoy's are hand crafted made with 100% real fruit imported from Mexico , each is crafted and made to taste exactly like the fruit. You can enjoy each of these with your favorite fruit , chips , cacahuates , micheladas , ect .. the possibilities are endless.

Infiernito Chamoy - Made with 9 different chillies and is our spiciest of them all

Nanche Chamoy - Has a very pungent smell

Nance fruit typically resembles a yellow or orange cherry and measures less than 1 inch (1–2 cm) in diameter (1). It bears a discernible odor, and its sweet, unique flavor ranges from mildly cheese-like to a distinctive combination of banana, lychee, and pear.

Culichi Fuego - Inspired in Takis Fuego and is our second spiciest chamoy.


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